If you are looking for PROFESSIONAL WAXING services, welcome to Dalink Spa.

Dalink Spa has been professional for waxing since 2010. Come and experience the differences of our waxing and you don’t need to pay if you are unsatisfied. All credit cards are accepted without fee.


In Hanoi, many spas re-use wax or use wax made in China to get higher profit. The low quality wax will made you endure more pain and it can not take out all hair's root. Using clean wax will help you to avoid many diseases as well.

You will need to pay expensive price for high quality waxing service at a luxury spa but you only need to pay reasonable price at Dalink spa. Our aim is to provide customers with the best quality service and best products, which has been a reason why our customers always return for more than 7 years

What are the differences of waxing at Dalink Spa? 

*  Do not reuse the wax. Waxes are imported from Australia.

*  Use sensitive waxes that are mild with sensitive skin. Supper gentle and very little pain for bikini waxing

*  Use HOT wax for underarms, bikini, face. New wooden stick and bottom paper are used for each client then disposed.

*  Use WARM waxes (Soft wax with strips) for large body parts with rollers, not with metal sticks

*  Professional products are used including pre-wax, waxes, after-wax oil, after-wax lotion to ensure the least redness and pain.

*  Skillful staffs

Professional Male waxing

Professional Male waxing

Dalink Spa has been an ideal place for Female and Male Professional Waxing, especially Brazilian wax..

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The best Female waxing in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh

The best Female waxing in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh

Dalink Spa has been an ideal place for Female Professional Waxing, especially Brazilian waxing since..

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